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Friends of Canonchet Farm Complete Cleanup

Volunteers Remove 40 Tons of Asphalt

On Saturday, October 31, volunteers completed cleanup of the Beech Grove and a designated area adjacent to Little Neck Pond at Canonchet Farm in Narragansett. Over the course of four work days, 58 volunteers organized by the Friends of Canonchet Farm used shovels and wheelbarrows to remove 40 tons of asphalt improperly spread in a beech tree grove and in an area between the Anne Hoxsie Lane parking lot and wetlands. The project was a joint effort on the part of the Friends of Canonchet Farm and the Town of Narragansett to respond to a Coastal Resource Management Council (CRMC) complaint about the use of recylced asphalt to grade portions of this town-owned land.

The volunteer labor enabled removal of the asphalt without the use of heavy machinery, which would have caused further damage to these environmentally sensitive areas. While some volunteers used picks, rakes and shovels to load the asphalt in wheelbarrows, other crew members wheeled the debris to a safe area where town employees used a front-end loader and a dump truck to haul the asphalt from the property. The Friends of Canonchet Farm volunteers, who logged more than 325 hours of service over the four work days, were offered refreshments and t-shirts for their efforts.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and congratulations on a job well done!

Here are some pictures from Cleanup Day 4 (October 31):

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